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The Violin Audition Prep Program was a game changer for my daughter!   We put it on her schedule to help her get back into playing shape quickly after spending 2 weeks at an outdoor summer camp without her violin and with an important audition approaching in a week.  Not only did it work miracles with her preparation and presentation, she gained confidence and the ability to apply new performance techniques she learned in the workshop to pull off a great audition, surprising even herself!  That experience, along with Darwin’s excellent coaching which we continued after the workshop, enabled her to really think about and define her goals as a musician and make the decision to pursue her music on an even higher level…resulting in another successful audition for The Manhattan School of Music this fall.  Thank you Darwin….. for providing the inspiration and the path!

Sharon B (parent)



"[My daughter] has learned more over the last 2 days than she had in all of last year. You truly have a gift as a teacher. I've seen this in skating and other disciplines where the exceptional teacher spots the tiny detail within all the noise, and once that detail gets addressed, everything else falls into place. It was like watching magic in action. [she] still has a long way to go but she has gained a lot of confidence and desire to move forward. I thank you for that..."

France H. (parent)


“It was better than I expected.  I didn’t know there were so many things that I could do to prepare and make myself a better auditioner.” 

John B. (violinist)


"I felt less nervous for my audition, and with every audition I'm getting better at auditioning (using your tips of course!). Ate a banana before yesterday's audition at [college].   Best wishes and thanks for everything!"

Alyssa R. (violinist)



"Away with uncertainty and hello to confidence!  With Audition Prep I was prepared.  I walked into my audition with certainty, because I knew I possessed all the skills needed to nail it."

Sam G. (cellist)


"When I walked in [for the audition] I knew what I had to do and that made me feel less nervous and [allowed] me to play my best"

Stephanie G. (violinist)


"I thought the camp was a great experience. It helped me learn strategies for a better audition, input on the pieces I worked on, and it was great to work with really good professionals :)"

Julie S. (violinist)


I am writing to thank you for a marvelous week. You clearly know how to get just the right balance between rigor and fun. [They] both enjoyed going to your program every day, and they practiced seriously when they came home.  They went into their auditions today feeling so much more prepared. Thank you, and please pass our thanks and admiration on to all of the other staff.

H.S. (parent)


"Darwin helped me SO much.  From the day he showed me scale patterns, I  no longer worry about them.  I showed my school teacher and he hadn't thought of it that way.  I went from Philharmonia strings to Principal in one year. I made Western Regionals and All-State.....even the viola jokes don't hurt anymore"

Kathy K. (violist)